Terms and Conditions Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions of use of the services offered.

In addition to the conditions listed below are prohibited any illegal activities on all servers HostSolutions.ro. If depistam any illegal activity that client’s account will be suspended regardless of how many services has contracted (including accounts that made illegal or not) any dispute will try to settle amicably, and if it doesn’t produce any dispute will be discussed in Romanian Courts.

Unjustified traffic (scan) or Flood
It is forbidden to use scripts that generate fake traffic, causing flood or other similar scripts. Scanning is also strictly forbidden on our network. These actions will result in suspension of your associated account(s). We will NOT issue a refund for this type of abuse.

Forbidden illegal pornographic material storage

On all servers HostSolutions.ro is prohibited pornographic illegal storage of data of any type, except it only web pages are subject to the laws of Romania.

Change server settings

If certain scripts that you want to use requires the activation of other software on the server, HostSolutions.ro is not required to install those programs, just in case you find that their activation does not influence negatively the stability or security of the server. In the enter and change some parameters of the programs

Disaster tolerant data.

HostSolutions.ro backup daily to all packages ordered by its customers, however we do not responsible for any errors or hardware-software package that could occur (advise clients to make their own backups)

The security of personal data

Data provided by clients are strictly confidential. HostSolutions.ro is committed to its customers not to provide this information to third persons or companies and use them strictly for use by the business relationship between the customer and SC Parfumuri Femei.com SRL.

Failure of Hardware components

HostSolutions.ro is not responsible for data loss of any kind which is due to failure of Hardware, e.g., HDD, processor or other Hardware items of any type

We do not screen for hackers

HostSolutions.ro will not tolerate any action that leads to reductions in the use of the services and will not be the front for “smart guys” Any illegal activity discovered on our servers will be raporata from the authorities.